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Dec. 28th, 2009

school starts tmr D:

holiday officially ended and school starts in few hours time -.- 
i've got no idea why other than tp, all other polys starts school on 4th january...i don't really have to the mood to start school yet and having textile with publication can kill me in the coming block.

other than that, the last day of the holiday was well-spent with zhou. minus away the drama i had on the mrt on the way to meet zhou. 
in a nutshell, i quarreled with my dad over the phone and because i was very very angry of him shouting vulgarities over the phone at me, that's why i shouted back.. and the people in the whole cabin looked at me -_- you can nv imagine how embarrassed i was. almost teared on the mrt but i fought back the tears. despite the drama, i had a nice time out with zhou for our (failed) food trial. hahah we only ate laksa, otah, rojak (which is my first time eating that), rochor tauhuay, sushi/sashimi. after that we when to SAM because zhou said there's free admission. had a pretty inspiring experience. i like the interactive perfume section and i really like the smell of the 'mountain' cos it smelled very refreshing.

2009 is ending in a few days time, which means....
2010 is coming.
my birthday is coming. (this makes me feels very old -.-)
chinese new year. 
i dont really like cny cos i've got no relatives in sg for me to visit and all i do is stay at home and watch boring tv shows that mediacrop screens -.-
okay, i am going to sleep already ya. i need to wake up in 5 hours time. and, why am i so suay huh, having a bad flu on the last day of holiday :( i cant breathe through my noseeeeeee. hope it will go away when i wake up tmr. sigh.


Dec. 25th, 2009


 Merry Christmas to everybody! :D

I have never been so traumatised on a christmas day before. Imagine you are waiting for your bus at night. In front of you, there four cockroaches. Two of them are drinking water on the pavement beside a drain and the the other two are on the road crawling here and there. You saw a big fat rat that ran across the road, jumped up to the pavement and ran across the pavement beside you.
That was what happened to me when i waited for my bus -_- I literally jumped up the bus when it arrived at the interchange. so paiseh leh. what the hell.. 

Dec. 23rd, 2009

happy birthday :)

happy 44th birthday mummy! :)
even though i don't say this to you, but you know that i love you.
thanks for taking care of me for the past 18 years and i know you will continue to take care of me through the days.
i will try my best to be a good and filial daughter.

Dec. 22nd, 2009


 i asked my mum to help me trim my hair. in the end she trim trim trim until it's kind of short now :(
and it's uneven also! D:
gonna fix it myself later.
maybe i shouldn't have trimmed my hair in the first place -.-
but if i dont trim my hair will curl in all sorts of directions..sigh.

Jun. 24th, 2009

Do Men Find You a Challenge?

Men See You As: An Attainable Challenge
You know how to make your man crave more of you

But you also know when to show some interest back

You're good at keeping your guy guessing

And over time, you'll let him know how you really feel
LOL! so i actually know how to make man crave more of me ah?
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What Pet Are You Like?

You Are Like a Cat
You are independent and a bit stubborn. You are content to do your own thing.
You are curious about the world but still an individual. You prefer to be a solo explorer.

You enjoy your alone time, but you also like some quiet company from time to time.
You crave companionship, even if it means just spending time in the same room together.

karyan asked me to do this quiz! hahahah but i think it's rather accurate. lol.
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Jun. 21st, 2009

(no subject)

• ___ is the one that you love.

• ___ is one you like but can't work out.

• You care most about kaiting.

• karyan is the one who knows you very well.

• yunling is your lucky star.

• canvas is the song that matches with ___.

• kiss the baby sky is the song for ___.

• 恋しくて is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.

• and 366日 is the song telling you how you feel about life.

Did the quiz coped yunling and it's actually quite accurate except for the erm.. love part because i really cannot think of any names to fill in so i left it blank. LOL. but it's actually rather accurate so you might want to do it too.


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Jun. 1st, 2009

influ of fonts!!

HAHA I just downloaded like 158 fonts online. and now the number of fonts in my font book had increased to 316 fonts in total.
dont get too overwhelmed by the picture. lolCollapse )

okay time to get back to work! 15 thumbnails and one more structural form to do!

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May. 26th, 2009

(no subject)

Today is not my lucky day because i lost my phone on bus seven and i didnt realise/found out after i got onto the next bus.
So i have to rush back to clementi interchange to look for it. and yay the bus went back to bedok and the driver didnt found any phone.
the guy at the passenger service let me try and call my phone but there's no dial tone or whatever and awhile later the voicemail woman starts to talk. i tried to call 6 times using three different telephones but it's still the same.

i left my contact number and name down in case they found my phone and i went to wait for 185. the freaking bus took damn long to came and i am already very sad / pissed. i sat down and fell asleep. i knocked my head at the handle TWICE and when the bus brakes suddenly i woke up like some idiot like that loh. even the lady sitting beside me laughed at me (i laughed at myself also lah -_-)

it's not the end yet. when i reach my house, i opened the front door cos it's locked. the padlock for the metal door can open but i dont know why the keyhole for the wooden door just dont let me put my key inside it. and i actually thought that my mum went to change the door lock -.-
after many attempts i decided that i shoud just press the bell. my mum came and open the door. I DONT KNOW WHY BUT I THINK THE DOOR HATES ME OR I AM JUST UNLUCKY TODAY THE KEY ACTUALLY CAN GO INSIDE THE KEYHOLE WHEN I TRIED IT. WTH -O-

and after i told my mum i lost my phone. harhar.
the only thing that PISSED me off a lot is how my parents see my friends. because i was with fiona on the bus, they think that she might have taken my phone. HELLO you have never seen or talk to her before how can you judge a person without knowing them. and my mum really pissed me off very badly today or maybe i am just cranky.

sometimes i feel that something is pressing my heart that i cannot breathe properly. i need time to sit down and think. concentrate on whatever i need to do. i still have two mood boards to do and i know that it's a very easy tasks but the problem is that i am falling asleep everytime i tried to do work at home and i can only focus on doing my work at sch when i'm alone. soemtimes i wonder if this is really what i wanted. seeing how good others' works are and looking back at mine, i wonder if i really suited in doing all this. i sucked at making decisions and i dont know what to choose for my options.
i am tired. both mentally and physically.

i know this is stupid but because i lost my phone and i dont think my dad is getting new phone for me anytime sooner. so i cannot be contacted easily without my phone. please comment if you got anything to tell me or anything. :]

May. 17th, 2009

a living owl?

i have been sleeping very late lately..for example i slept at 4am yesterday. lol
i think my body clock is all messed up. i don't really feel sleepy though..
yes iris i think i'm becoming like an owl~
someone save me please i think im addicted to online shopping~ have been online shopping for the past week alr..
D: i still need to get myself sandals. :[ the strap of my sandal broke and half of the base came off.
have to get myself new shorts also!! the shorts i always wore seemed like it's going to drop any moment...-_-

list of things i want to get by this year:
1. of cos get new sandals/shoes!
2. new shorts next!!!
3. earphones because the earphone i bought at hk spoilt the first day i use it -_-
4. new ipod case/pouch/whatever it is called
5. probably i can buy myself a dslr by this year (maybe a Christmas present for myself)
-to be continued when i think of things i want to get-

HA. I am bored.
Fire is very addicting, have been listening to it for the whole day..
I am going to paint tomorrow but i dont have any inspiration~ :(
Never mind, i shall paint key or junho then. hah.

ps. IRIS! meet up soon ah!! must tell me the ruby's real name!!! i'm really curious how he looks like leh.

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